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Donʻt Worry, Eat Happy: Hakuna Banana

Photo by Frolic Hawaii

Photo by Yelp user H Q.


Hakuna Banana located on the second floor of the Ward Center Whole Foods Market

Hours of operation: 11:00am-7:00pm

TLDR: A delicious non-dairy, plant-based, banana soft serve made with real fruit and no refined sugars.

Current flavors: Banilla, Matcha

Toppings: banana chips, sprinkles, li hing mui, candy sugar, and shredded coconut

Ever since Whole Foods Market opened in Kakaʻako, the store has become a focal point for shopping and leisure in the Ward Village area. While exploring what the new store had to offer, I discovered Hakuna Banana and was immediately attracted to the bright pink sign with bananas patterned all over it. One of my favorite things to do with bananas that are a little too ripe is to mash them up in a bowl and stick them in the freezer for a couple of hours. Intrigued by their fun graphics and reminded of my favorite homemade dessert, I decided to buy a cup. I opted for the original Banilla flavor and added banana chips and coconut on top. Each bite was a dream; not too sweet and none of that artificial banana flavor. The coconut milk offered creaminess without making it too heavy.

Hakuna Banana offers a healthier alternative to ice cream without compromising deliciousness. Aptly,  their name is inspired by the Swahili phrase “hakuna matata,” which roughly translates into “no worries”. Located on the second floor of the Ward Center Whole Foods Market, this small soft serve stand will leave a big impression on your tastebuds. They currently offer two flavors – Banilla, their original vanilla banana combination, and matcha, a flavor unique to Hawaii.. Made with all natural ingredients (bananas, dates, and coconuts make the base of the two flavors), even the most health conscious person can feel good about enjoying a cup. All of Hakuna Bananaʻs products are vegan, paleo-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, soy-free, and corn-free, so people with dietary restrictions can savor the sweet, creamy treats worry-free. If you find yourself craving something sweet that will leave you feeling surprisingly refreshed, head over to Hakuna Banana and you will not be disappointed.

388 Kamakee St. (second floor of Whole Foods Market Ward), Open Mon-Thurs, 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Fri-Sun. 11 a.m.-8 p.m.



BoxLunch Vendor: Chef Hana

BoxLunch is a lunchtime series featuring food vendors in the BoxJelly storefront from 11am – 3pm. Click here for the list of schedules. Chef Hana will be at BoxLunch Thursday 9/19.

ChefHanaChef Hana will be our second BoxLunch vendor of the series. From Indonesia, Chef Hana has been a food service operator ever since her college days, owning first a restaurant, and a marketplace food stall. She moved to Hawaii where her first vendor experience was for Balinese Night at the Hawaii State Art Museum this past March. “I enjoyed doing it,” she says of the event, “and thought it would be a great to connect Indonesian culture with other cultures in Hawaii.” You may also have seen her at the Makiki Farmer’s Market and the Made in Hawaii Festival.

Getting ready for a popup dinner! Vegetable curry, beef rendang, and rice.

Getting ready for a popup dinner! Vegetable curry, beef rendang, and rice.

How did you come up with the concept for your business?
Well, I want to bottle our Indonesian peanut sauce. Indonesian peanut sauce is different from like a Thai peanut sauce. It is not easy to make and everyone enjoys it, so we want to bottle it and sell it here. But first, I need to get to know the local people face to face, so we can introduce the sauce. 
I want to bring variety to Hawaii. So the concept would be introducing the hidden treasure of Indonesian cuisine. It really is like a hidden treasure, and  is different on every island. Rendang is the most famous Indonesian dish. We have curry (gulai), such as the Thai and Indians do, but we use spices that are different.
Hawaii has many different food cultures here, and Indonesian food is a community food, and I want to connect it with the cultures already in the Hawaii community.

Beef Rendang

Beef Rendang

What are some of the biggest/unexpected challenges you face with your business?
The limitation of space; sometimes it is not enough space, or it is just not affordable. Also finding people who know how to cook (Indonesian food). We are still trying to become a part of the community culture here; I would love to train people in cooking Indonesian food!

Veggie-stuffed Tofu

Veggie-stuffed Tofu

What are some of the most rewarding aspects of your business?
The satisfaction when they first try Indonesian food, and being able to introduce Indonesian treasure to the world. Sometimes, it’s not about making money. I would like to make money, but I’m passionate about what my culture is. I’m proud about introducing Indonesian culture to the world.

Find Chef Hana at

Chef Hana
facebook-16CHEF HANA
instagram-16 ChefHana
Thurs. 9/26, 10/3, 10/10:BoxLunch 11am – 3pm 
Fri. 9/27, 10/4Taste Table 10am – 2:30pm
Events: Eat the Street, Made in Hawaii Festival




BoxJelly - 307 A Kamani Street, 96813

BoxJelly – 307 A Kamani Street, 96813

Next week Monday will be the start of our lunchtime event series, BoxLunchAfter listening to members and talking with the neighbors, we are opening up the BoxJelly storefront to meet the demands of variety, convenience, and quality on Kamani Street. So come by, 11am – 3pm to see what’s cooking. Our first vendors: Laverne’s Lunch Wagon and Chef Hana!

Laverne’s Lunch Truck

LavernesTruckYour classic plate lunch wagon, made with local love and care! Combo, regular, mix, and mini plates are all available for whatever your appetite might be. They are a part of a catering company out in Waipahu, and even do plates such as garlic shrimp, and Eat The Street events (latest featured dish: their Kalua Pig Poppers!) Menu items include: Pork adobo, shoyu chicken, lau lau, squid luau, smoked meat, and even haupia!
Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Chef Hana

ChefHanaA taste of Indonesia right on Kamani Street! Chef Hana is an internationally versed cook, and is brining her knowledge of Indonesian cuisine to Hawaii. Her variety of menu options offers something for all sorts of palates! She’ll be featuring her most popular items: chicken curry and vegetable curry! Chef Hana will also be bringing beef randang, and her speciality melon-passion fruit drink, es buah!
Follow her on Facebook.



For more info., questions, or to suggest a vendor, email!