Entreperleaders: Ellemsee Media | Hawaii's First Coworking Space
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Entreperleaders: Ellemsee Media

Entreperleaders: Ellemsee Media

Lauryn Chin and Noah Gordines are two halves of the full service digital agency Ellemsee Media. Ellemesee Media creates content for individuals and businesses across the media spectrum. They design and develop websites, photography, videos, and various other branding imagery. Lauryn and Noah take pride in doing intensive research on all of their clients to create a visual language suited to their clients brands. Not only are Lauryn and Noah business partners but they’re a couple as well. While working as a couple Lauryn and Noah feel communication is a key factor in their workflow and it helps their company grow. Ellemesee Media had a dedicated desk space here at BoxJelly. While at BoxJelly their company started to outgrow the space and they recently moved out into their own office. Before Ellemsee Media moved out, I had the opportunity to sit down with Lauryn and Noah to discuss the ins and outs of Ellemesee Media and their experiences while working out of BoxJelly.

How did Ellemsee Media start?

L+N: It started as a side hobby. It was essential to our other business. We own a jewelry business called The Pi Collection. Lauryn started it about 7 years ago. It was a business where I wore all hats. We actually met at a trade show where I was peddling my product. After we met, Noah jumped in and he started to help with my business. We got into like 200 stores around the world. He is a badass at selling. As our partnership grew we were able to grow the business. Naturally, people started to ask us “Who does your website?,” “who does your marketing?,” and “who does your graphics?” We were like “Oh we do it.” From then, people started asking us for help with their businesses. It started out just as a fun thing to help out our friends and then everybody started asking us for help. Finally, it got to the point where we decided this should be a business.

What makes you different from other design companies?

L+N: We aren’t just a web designer. We don’t just drag and drop things into little boxes and call it a day. We actually take the time to research and develop a campaign appropriately. One of the latest projects we did was for Hawaii Ship. It’s a website for seniors trying to figure out how to get medicare

e. We analyzed the demographic data of people using their website. We needed to design the function of the website to be the best for their specific demographic. When you think of seniors you have to consider that an 80 year old isn’t going to be using the website. Rather, itʻs more likely that their children who will be using the website. So, we had to target to those people. Lastly, I think one of our client’s favorite thing to say about us is that we are very responsive. When they email us they are going to get a response. Noah’s really good at getting back to people.

What is it like working as a couple?

L+N: One of the things that helped us do work as a couple was working out of BoxJelly. It really helped to separate home and work life. One of the biggest things for us was that we bonded instantly. We were actually a long distance couple before he moved back to Hawaii. Conversation was key. Conversation was so important. That’s how we made it as a couple. We were able to communicate with each other and it made our work life much easier. Itʻs just knowing at the end of the day that you love each other and you still are going to be together. We have different skill sets that complement each other.  

Describe your experience working out of BoxJelly?

L+N: BoxJelly was a good stepping stone for us. From working out of random coffee shops or even at home. BoxJelly has a nice creative atmosphere. The people here are awesome and we love that you can bring your dog to work. It’s a collaborative space and weʻve made a lot of good connections here. So did our son Kolby. He loves Matt, the architect. So much so, that now he wants to be an architect! Every time he sees Matt or Ed, heʻs starstruck! We also like the BoxJelly events. We like coming to the art shows. Itʻs really a perfect spot for the creative industry.

Is there anything from the experience of working at BoxJelly that you will take with you  as you grow and expand?

L+N: From the artwork to the placement of the furniture, we were inspired by the space. When we were planning out our furniture for our new office, the number one we need is a snack spot just like in BoxJelly! Thatʻs so important. One thing that being at BoxJelly helped us with was creating a checklist of things we need for our new office!. Also, when planning out the layout in our own space, we were thinking that we needed a more modular style to move things around. We modeled our employees workspace after this place. We appreciate the co-working, open space floor plan as opposed to everybody in their own cubicle. It just works better for us as a lot of the tasks we do are very collaborative. We have designer and a web developer. Our place is going to be a big open friendly collaborative area.    

What advice would you give to anybody who wants to start a small business

L+N: Always answer emails. I canʻt even count how many times a client has said to me “Youʻre the only person who has responded to my call or email!” Another one is be passionate about what your doing. You have to break the mold and go beyond what your comfortable with.   

Check out Lauryn and Noah at ellemseemedia.com/

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