Coming Up: Jelly Week (January 14-18) | Hawaii's First Coworking Space
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Coming Up: Jelly Week (January 14-18)

Coming Up: Jelly Week (January 14-18)

What is Jelly Week?

Jelly Week is part of Global Jelly Week, which is being held at 150 different locations in 33 countries across the world. The idea is to educate the general public about the term “Jelly” and how it relates to coworking.

What is Jelly?

Jelly is a casual event where people within a community come together to exchange ideas. Most Jelly events happen within coworking spaces but they can also happen through networking events or online communities. The idea is to get people together and bounce around ideas—to work on new business ideas, demonstrate products and pitch possible business partnerships.

What is coworking?

Coworking is a style of work environment that promotes open, shared workspaces. The isolation that comes from working in cubicles inhibits community-building and works against the Jelly philosophy. The ideas behind Jelly are why most coworking spaces are built on the foundation of openness and a strong community.

What is BoxJelly?

The BoxJelly is Hawaii’s first and largest coworking space.

Jelly Week @ BoxJelly

For Jelly Week 2013, the BoxJelly will be offering non-members free coworking for the entire week—drop in any time you want. We will also be hosting nightly events pertaining to different aspects of Jelly. Each event starts at 6PM, and should run until approximately 8PM.

Monday: HI Capacity Show and Tell

Members of Hawaii’s first maker space show off their latest projects, from 3D printing to microcomputers to drone quadrocopters and more! Snacks will be provided.

Tuesday: Startup Speed Dating

Looking to network with member of the Honolulu startup scene? Want to find new business partners? Stop by for Startup Speed Dating—a fast-paced mixer.

Wednesday: Shabu Shabu Night with the Founder of BoxJelly

Have questions for the founders? Enjoy some free shabu shabu and discuss the history and future of BoxJelly with founders Rechung Fujihara and Anthony Stanford.

Thursday: New Tech Meetup

Join us as we kick off a series of monthly New Tech Meetups. Network, listen to talks and share ideas with other members of the Hawaii business and technology community.

Friday: End of the Week Jelly Party

Jelly Week 2013 will take place from January 14 – 18 at the BoxJelly. For more information please visit our website or call us at 808.769.6921. You can also keep track of the event by “Liking” us on Facebook (theboxjelly) or following us on Twitter (@theboxjelly).


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