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BoxJelly x The Company is now on Soundcloud

BoxJelly x The Company is now on Soundcloud

We’ve been busy with new programming at the BoxJelly. We introduced a new talk series called For Your Inspiration with host Jasmine Slovak, and a podcast produced by Central Pacific Time about our upcoming expansion.

So, if you missed a recent FYI talk or just want to listen back to the discussions, you can find everything on our SoundCloud. Furthermore, if you’re looking for the latest Jelly Cast episode, you can find it on our SoundCloud, too! It’s where we’ll keep recordings of on-site talks, all episodes of the Jelly Cast, and other audio tidbits.

Below, listen to conversations with our first FYI speakers, Kevin Sweeney and Ashley Lukens.

The Jelly Cast will be released once a month on the second Monday of the month. The next episode comes out Monday, September 10th via our friends at Central Pacific Time.


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