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Hawaii's First Coworking Space


Pittsburgh, PA

By Britney T-M

TRIPPIN’ is a summer blog series featuring coworking spaces, as BoxJelly intern Britney T-M travels to attend George Mason University’s Social Innovation Program. Follow the trip on Google Maps.

**I am no longer on the mainland (and also no loner an intern). The remainder of this series is written from BoxJelly .

So there are unexpected occurrences in life. Example: all my interviews from this trip being deleted. Another example: A July 4th wedding that called me back to Indiana, and a 5-hour Greyhound layover along the way. But it’s ok, because I ain’t ever been to Pittsburgh!

As soon as I realized I would be laid over for 5 more hours, I looked up coworking spaces. And that’s the beauty of the movement as it presently is. Pop up and drop in – people understand the needs of a clean well lighted place for the traveler/remote worker/lone worker.

The nearest space to the Greyhound station was StartUptown. I called, spoke with Dale about visiting, and was on my way! Uptown is a decrepit part of Pittsburgh, with neighborhoods riddled with crime, poverty, and unfortunate situations. But Uptown is also one of the areas located in the Pittsburgh Central Keystone Innovation Zone (PCKIZ). Thus, as Dale was converting this 12,000sq.ft. building into what would eventually be a coworking space, he was able to access funding to build a place for startup companies and small businesses. And that’s where the name came from – StartUptown – a play on words between Uptown, start up companies, and starting up the community.

Now nine months later, I can’t remember the details of our conversation, but I do remember two things…

It was a long conversation.
Good story talking is always going to be long. But truly, it was a testament to Dale’s generous spirit. He dismissed phone alerts, politely paused the conversation to talk to members, and introduced even the interns; community building and space cultivation can be such an art form.

The municipality plays a great role in the coworking space.
When Dale told me about PCKIZ really illustrated the ways a municipality contributes to the environment of the coworking space. His intern was paid through PCKIZ, which I thought was pretty cool (that it was at no cost to StartUptown, and the fact that interns get paid at all).

If it weren’t for the dysfunction of the Greyhound, I never would have been to Pittsburgh; and if it weren’t for coworking, I never would have had that conversation with Dale. The story of StartUptown opened our dialogue to conversation that I still cite and question, well after returning to BoxJelly.


Bitcoin Birthday Party Recap

Last week, BoxJelly along with the guys from Bitcoin Hawaii celebrated the 5th anniversary of Bitcoin with Blockchain Bash: A Bitcoin birthday party. A good crowd of Bitcoin enthusiasts and newbies to crypto-currency came down. We gave away some free Bitcoin, donated Bitcoin to some charities, raffled and even sang happy birthday to the Blockchain. Here’s a few photos and tweets recapping the night. If you’re curious about Bitcoin, be sure to come to the next Bitcoin 101 monthly event hosted by Bitcoin Hawaii and BoxJelly on Thursday January 16th



Blockchain Bash: A Bitcoin Birthday Party


Five years ago on Jan 3rd 2009 an unknown computer programmer calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto planted the seed for the digital currency revolution called Bitcoin that has since exploded into world wide consciousness.

Come join Bitcoin Hawaii at BoxJelly in celebration of the 5th anniversary of the creation of Bitcoin’s Genesis Block.

Learn, mingle, exchange and talk story about Bitcoin.




HI Shoots Holiday Hangout

HI Shoots

Hawaii Shoots will be holding its last event of the year at our space with a free holiday party on December 10 from 7-9pm. Bring your latest toy for show-and-tell and join the conversation! There will be cool prizes from Hawaii Photo Rental, Hawaiian Airlines and yours truly. See you there!




EVENTS: Bitcoin 101


Bitcoin – this digital currency. What is it? How does it work? And how can you use it to for your business? Bitcoin Hawaii will be presenting the in’s and out’s of the digital currency, including: the technology behind it, the annotated history, how to use it, and business facts. The event is free, all you need to do is RSVP!



WORKSPACES: Brenda Asuncion

Brenda Asuncion at The BoxJelly

Full Name: Brenda Asuncion
Position/Title: Loko I’a (fishpond) Coordinator, KUA (Kua’aina ulu ‘auamo)

BoxJelly Member since: September 2013

What do you enjoy most about (co)working at The Box Jelly? I appreciate the fact that I don’t feel overwhelmed by a huge office building and a vast sea of strange faces.

Fill in the blank: When you’re not at The Box Jelly, you’re cooking, surfing, or visiting communities on other islands.

Tell us about your workspace:

What do you keep there? Tea, crayons, Emergen-C, gum, water bottle, mug, star-shaped post-its, writing stuff.

Favorite item on your desk you can’t live/work without: Setup of laptop stand and wireless keyboard and mouse.


 Brenda's workspace


New Member Deal: Living Social

If you’ve been wanting to take the leap with us, but just needed a little extra push, we have got an amazing offer for you. Through our current Living Social deal, you can score a one week or better yet, a one month membership for just half off. Come take a tour of the space and decide if you’d like to become a part of our awesome community. We’d love to have you!

Living Social Deal


In The News: BoxJelly Is Expanding!

In case you haven’t been beyond WhiteBox at BoxJelly lately, we’ve taken on a big expansion project to make more room and continue to make BoxJelly the best place to work in Hawaii. In addition to building out a space for SunRun, we’ll have an additional conference room, work spaces, tenant space and a lounge area. This is all thanks to you guys, our members, for supporting BoxJelly and being a part of this amazing community! You can read more about the expansion in this feature article that appeared in Pacific Business News yesterday. #workthewayyoulive

Pacific Business News

BoxJelly Expansion in Pacific Business News