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Hawaii's First Coworking Space

Domain Night

Interested in learning more about creating domains or building a website? Come connect with HiCapacity at BoxJelly next Monday, May 23rd. To participate please RSVP here and send a list of up to 5  of your top domain names to Did I mention there will be pizza?




Homestyle Eats

It is no surprise that Hawaiian cuisine is such a hit across diverse cultures with influences coming together from all across the Pacific. If you’ve visited Honolulu or grew up on the island, locals and tourists alike have all tasted and enjoyed Hawaiian eateries like Zippy’s and Rainbow Inn for their traditional homestyle cooking. Among these popular staples are a few less known, mom and pop spots, tucked away in the heart of Kaka’ako. If you find yourself strolling through Ala Moana Park or aweing over the Kaka’ako’s Pow Wow mural collection, be sure to check out these old school eateries keeping the Hawaiian food true to it’s roots and the art of homestyle cooking alive.READ MORE


Start Up 101 Bootcamp

Do you have a great startup idea? Still putting your idea together and want to learn more? Startup 101 Bootcamp will cover the basics that every entrepreneur needs to develop an idea and turn it into a high growth business. Get brainstorming and sign up here.


Learning to Co-Focus

There’s a shift in the office culture and we are all about it. The traditional, 9-5, confined cubicle life has transformed in favor of new work spaces; one of which is coworking. A result of this model is a beautiful symbiotic relationship between professionals of all backgrounds and trades, creating an open space for learning and benefiting from each other’s individual skills. For young startups or the remote worker, coworking provides a convenient mode of networking, insight and collaboration.



50|50: On Beginnings

You’ve got a great product idea. Your pitch has received positive feedback and your team is dynamic and driven. You have all the tools to bring your business to life. While all equally important, you’re still missing one essential piece. Your story. What makes you, You. How do you ensure that your idea and your brand will be among the 8% of startups that generate attention and actually start.



Amelia Samari, Artist Residency

As one of the fasting growing trends among millennials, coworking spaces provide a number of attractive features that puts it miles ahead of the conventional office. Here, at BoxJelly, we are fully aware of this. We also know that there aren’t easy solutions or turn key packages to creating a cohesive community. We put a lot of time and energy into thinking about ways of engaging not only with the physical space but the social space around us.READ MORE


ARTIST TALK: Malay Theater, Dance, Music, and Shadow Play

Join us this Friday, April 8 @ 5:30 p.m. for an artist talk on the treasured Malay Theatre forms of mak yong (dance drama) and wayang kelantan (shadow puppetry).

The event will be hosted by top faculty and instructors from Kuala Lumpur’s Centre for Traditional Arts (PuTRA) at the National Academy of Arts, Culture, and Heritage (ASWARA) presenting art forms originating in the culturally rich state of Kelantan, Malaysia.

PARKING: Street parking in Kaka’ako or in the old Lanai Things lot adjacent to BoxJelly at 331 Kamani Street.

The performance will be held on Sunday, April 10, @ 4:00-5:30 p.m. at Jefferson Hall, East-West Center on UH Manoa’s campus. Performance information at


Five Fave Asian Eats

Never settle on food. Life’s too short.


The exponential growth of Kaka’ako’s urban development is no secret. With a lively buzz focused on the ingenuity of the Kaka’ako community, there’s bound to be new shops and restaurants popping up left and right. But there are also a handful of oldies but goodies that can’t be overshadowed by the new spotlights. To bridge the gap between our curious members and great, untapped restaurants, we’ve put together a Kaka’ako grub guide, provided for and chosen by, your coworkers. To kick it off, we’ve chosen our 5 favorite asian restaurants in the Kaka’ako area.



Ngon literally translates to “delicious”. This whole-in-the-wall restaurant offers a wide variety of traditional Vietnamese dishes from fried mochi and eggs to chicken bahn mi sandwich to my personal favorite, the green papaya salad. Ngon cuisine surprises even those who grew up eating these dishes. Only a quick 6 minute minute walk from BoxJelly, Ngon ensures that you will leave your lunch break stuffed, satisfied, and on time to that 1pm conference call.

Looking for a new go-to brunch spot? Try the banh cuon, only available on Saturday’s, these steamed rice crepes stuffed with ground pork, wood ear mushrooms, bean sprouts, freshly chopped mint, and basil topped with a side of sweet Vietnamese fish sauce is a must try.


Photo by Yelp User Yoko Y.


Club Pattaya

“The best darn Thai food on the island.” “Clean, Simple, Fresh.” “Truly authentic Thai food.” This is commonly heard Pattaya chatter, not just on the top Yelp reviews! Consistent quality is just the half of it. Their laid back atmosphere coupled with some of the tastiest Thai cuisine for the price and proximity is the perfect spot for a quick lunch break or dinner out with friends. Need a little direction? Rechung, owner and CEO of BoxJelly, swears by the coconut soup. The evil beef curry and crispy rice lettuce wraps are also a few of Pattaya’s favorites. Make your way over to Pattaya from 3pm – 6pm and enjoy happy hour specials before the mic sparks karaoke at 8pm.


Photo by Foursquare User Marc G.



Agu Ramen


If you haven’t jumped on the ramen train yet, hop on board. Nominated best ramen in 2015, Agu Ramen features the heartiest, most decadent bowl of ramen in Honolulu to date. What makes Agu Ramen special? Their unbeatable black garlic oil broth. Whether you’re a chicken, pork or veggie lover, Agu’s got it and they’ve got it good. For first timers, I suggest Agu’s Savory Parmesan bowl, can’t go wrong with the most popular dish on the menu! Come hungry, portions are generous.


Photo by Yelp User Jam Y.




Little Sheep Mongolian


This traditional Mongolian dining experience is truly a 2 for 1, providing meal and entertainment. Set up for family style dining, each table is prepped with a hot pot to make your own personal creations. Basic guidelines: you choose your broth, your meat, your veggies, and your toppings. Noteworthy freshness is reason enough for Little Sheep to live up their reputation of surpassing their competitors. This casual environment makes for a fun opportunity to come to. Did someone say lunch special? $12.99 for an array of vegetables, your choice of meat and sauces to complete a filling, affordable lunch outing.


Photo by Instagram User Jenny M.








Jun Puu Yelp User Beth I. 1010 S King St #108, Honolulu, HI 96814

JunPuu, original Honolulu noodle company, definitely takes the win with the most adventurous ramen recipes. If you’re a big ramen fan but are looking to switch things up, look no further. Loaded with hearty toppings including soft boiled eggs, sliced pork, green onions and arugula, JunPuu takes the cake with their unique and delicious tomato based ramen broth. Rumor has it, their broth cooks for 16 hours.


Photo by Yelp User Beth I.






// Check in next week for 5 best breakfast eats and our Kaka’ako guidemap featuring a detailed outline of the best of the Kaka’ako best.


Larry On the Loose!

One of our most cherished features here at BoxJelly is our pet friendly environment. People love seeing coworker’s furry friends running around the office. Contrary to typical pet friendly spaces, we don’t just limit our appreciation to dogs. In fact, BoxJelly’s pet is fuzzy rather than furry.