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Hawaii's First Coworking Space

Ignite Honolulu 1 Recap

Ignite Honolulu was created to be a social mixer for individuals on the island to meet and share common interests for projects, collaborative works, or just engage in conversation. The idea of running Ignite shows here came about when a small group of designers and developers realized there was a lack of communication between their two circles on the island. The dialog between developers and designers had to be improved in order to raise the potential of creative work coming from Hawai‘i! 



Satsang Films at The Box Jelly

The Box Jelly was honored to provide the setting for an awesome filming session directed by Salina Storozuk of Satsang Films.  Salina and crew were in full force capturing the ambiance of TBJ and Fishcake for two dynamic scenes shot for her clients commercial.  One was all glitz and glamor while the other was shot with mad street appeal featuring graf art sprayed up on the white walls and running from five-0.

Post production bliss also landed at The Box Jelly, aka all day editing sessions by Salina and Editor, Robert Bates.  The hard hitting duo were a pleasant reminder as to why we opened our doors to welcome in creative types and those who are serious about GSD (getting *#@% done)!  I can see that the business of film making is worthy of all its glory.

A make- up artist with her things sprawled on the table while adding the finishing touches to an actress before she went on camera, film equipment stretched behind the scenes and ready for the next take, and Salina directing the crew into the midnight hour, wow, we at the TBJ totally dug it!

Thank you to Salina, Robert, the Satsang crew and fishcake for helping to make our new workspace such a dynamic environment to work the way you live.



Hasan Scott | Team Box Jelly Profile

Hasan, also known as Hswag as the other members of The Box Jelly like to call him, is originally from Ithaca, New York. He migrated to Hawaii via Australia and Spain to attend Chaminade University for his Masters in Education, where he also attended the Hogan Entrepreneurial Program.

Hasan enjoys a great read by Paulo Coelho, Ian Flemming, or poems by Rumi. As Communitiy Currator for The Box Jelly he makes sure we are making a positive connection with our clients. Also, he picks out independent films for our movie nights. He loves movies so this responsibility is always a pleasure!

Last, his philosophy on life is to always dress the part and if you don’t like the script, change it!

Big shout out Mick Motor Photography