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Hawaii's First Coworking Space

Wine into Water

Hey Jelly fans out there, we just wanted to let you know what creative shenanigans we are up to over at The Box Jelly!  Lately Tony, aka “Sicily” has been been turning our empty wine bottles into reusable drinking cups.  No kidding!  The process is simple and great for the environment and your wallet 🙂

You gather up your empty wine bottles after the last shindig, art show, or dance party and clean them then and remove the labels.  After that you choose the size of the cup you  want to create by scoring the sides with the glass cutter/bottle scorer thing.  You are then ready to do the magic and most crucial part.  Tony has an innate skill for pouring just the right amounts of cold vs hot water that actually causes the class to break, ideally along the score line.  You pour just boiled water over the bottle, rotate to touch all sides, then take ice cold water and repeat the process.  I watched him do it and its quite an edgy experience, no pun intended ;)!

After the edges are sanded what you end up with is a great looking, unique, and locally hand made drinking glass.  Just fill with your favorite beverage, whether water, wine, or grape drink!!  Then come on over to The Box Jelly lounge and read a great novel hand picked by TBJ’s own curators.  If you want to take home a glass for yourself they are on sale right in the Fishcake General Store where we are located.

Take time to celebrate the small miracles of sustainable efforts at The Box Jelly, cheers!!


The Box Jelly Goes Micro on Coffee

Aloha Ohana,

We have the great coffee infused pleasure of providing our coworkers with Wailua coffee microroased at Koko Crater coffee roasters, located right at Ward Warehouse.  Wailua coffee offers a winey, acidic flavor while expertly blended with Sumatra and Colombian Supremo to provide medium body and earthy notes by Kamaka, the master roaster himself!

Its aroma comes plunging out of the bag as soon as its opened and then everybody wants a cup.  Even non-coffe afficiandos can appreciate this offering because it taste great even without the cream and sugar.  We have a porcelain single serve pour over by Hario from Japan that gives it that just right finish in your cup.  The best part is that its sustainable because doing coffee one cup at a time cuts out the waste and amps up the quality factor.  No drip percolator over here!  We either do a French press, single serve from the Keurig or the all so silky porcelain pour over.

Offering locally grown and microroasted coffee makes us all warm and fuzzy, plus it just tastes better!  We sincerely believe at The box Jelly creating lasting relationships in the community is the best type of business and we’ll drink to that!

Special thanks to Kamaka at Koko Crater coffee roasters!

P.S. Remember the cost of coffee is included in your monthly membership or hourly rate, so come over and enjoy a cup or two, or three!!!

local coffee


Hi-Capacity All Hands on Deck!!!

HI Capacity is a community of developers who have been very busy building a community of do-ers here in Hawai’i. They have been active in programming meetups every Saturday and are involved in various activities/events on the island including, Arduino nights, home brewing, mobile food trucks apps, Node Knockout, Startup Weekend, to Ignite.


HI Capacity will be having an All-Hands Meeting on Tuesday, October 4th at 6:30pm at The Box Jelly where they will cover:

  • Membership
  • Hours of operations
  • Guidelines
  • Restrictions
  • Vision for HI Capacity and our future Makerspace


There has been a lot of interest from HI Capacity members and the maker community to open a Makerspace. That day has finally come! To keep the movement going, they are opening an interim makerspace at The Box Jelly on Monday, October 10.


Visit the HI Capacity’s well informed website and their Membership Page to learn more and sign up!


Founders Institute is Coming to Hawaii

The Founder Institute Startup Incubator is coming to Hawaii
Join us Monday night, October 3rd, 7:00 – 8:15
Please join us for an informal question and answer information session
about our plans to bring the Founder Institute incubator to Hawaii.
This meeting is open for anyone to attend.

About the Founder Institute:
The Founder Institute is a business incubator and executive training
program for high tech entrepreneurs. The Founder Institute brings
together experienced CEOs and Founders in a collaborative environment
with a goal to help launch 1,000 companies per year worldwide. Through
weekly sessions guided by renowned CEOs, the Founder Institute breeds
disciplined founders ready to lead the next generation of high-tech
companies.  To graduate from the program, participants need to
actually form a company. As of the Summer of 2010, The Founder
Institute is one of the worlds fastest growing incubators with
chapters in 15 cities worldwide, has launched 300 companies, and has
developed a network over 500 experienced Founder and CEO Mentors. The
Founder Institute believes that Great People + World Class Training +
Aligned Incentives = Exponentially Better Chance of Success.

Who will be presenting:
The Co-Directors of the Founder Institute are Keith Powers and Ted Gaubert.

Keith Powers has been active in start-ups, investments and building
world-class companies, organizations and community development
projects for over 15 years. He is an advisor to several startups and
is a Co-Founder of The Aloha Initiative, a successful program to bring
Japanese families that were displaced by the March 2011 Earthquake,
tsunami and nuclear tragedy to Hawaii. He has been active with the
Founder Institute since its inception.

Ted Gaubert has a long-standing passion for entrepreneurship and
innovation.  He previously worked with the Austin Technology Incubator
in collaboration with the Austin Chamber of Commerce to help start the
Biosciences Incubator in Austin, Texas.   He serves on the scientific
advisory board for the North Texas Enterprise Center, a technology
incubator in Frisco, Texas.  He has extensive hands-on experience in
founding and managing his own start-ups, in addition to being involved
in promoting technology entrepreneurship in the community.


Social Media and the Law

Social Media is life. It has become second nature to us all but do you understand the power of your words? Building relationships with your customers via social media has revolutionized the way we all do business. Have you thought about what happens when social media goes wrong? On Wednesday the 28th at 6pm The Box Jelly will be hosting Ryan Hew to delve into various causes of action someone may take against you for using social media. Perhaps more importantly Ryan will explain how you and your company can be proactive to stay out of harms way.



New Reading Library at The Box Jelly


The Box jelly is now offering great reads for our members.  Positioned atop our contemporary Italian book case by Gamma are our personal selections of literature, self-help, design, business, networking, fiction and political books to name a few.

We thought it necessary to add a little depth to the Box Jelly’s Work the Way you Live environment.  You can find coffee table books like 21 Nights by Prince, innovative branding reads such as Lovemarks; the future beyond brands, The World is Flat by Thomas L. Freidman, Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment and the Great Reset; How New Ways of Living and Working Drive Post-Crash Prosperity by Richard Florida.

Now members of the TBJ can lounge on the red sofa, become a little more enlightened and share their new found insights with the community.  Having a reading library is a simple way to add a little spice to our lives at The Box Jelly.  We hope you find them as inspiring as we do and if you are a member of TBJ we are arranging to allow for you to borrow books too!  Feel free to bring in a copy of a book you would like to share for a limited time or donate to the Box Jelly library today!!


The Box Jelly inside Fishcake

Fishcake opened in late 2007 to provide a unique home furnishings and gallery experience for designers and shoppers looking for that special piece.

Our name fishcake was inspired by a factory space we were considering for the shop. The factory once produced fishcake for the local market. Everyone in Hawaii knows that a good bowl of saimin noodles must have a slice or two of pink and white fishcake on top. Eventually, an even better location turned up, but the name insisted on staying! It reflects our roots in multi-cultural Honolulu and our approach to design, diverse and unconventional, but all in good taste – if you like fishcake!

Fishcake showcases fresh furnishings, accessories + art for the contemporary home.

For more, check out their website.


Startups and the Law with Ryan Hew

In preparation for Startup Weekend. Ryan Hew will be giving a short talk on Startups and the Law on Wednesday the 21stat 6pm for the low price of five dollars. He will be specifically going into the differences between various business entities. We are looking to having Ryan speak regularly at The Box Jelly.

He may look young but here are Ryan’s creds:

“Born and raised in Hawaii, I attended Punahou School and the University of Pennsylvania, where I obtained degrees in History and Political Science.

I returned to Hawaii to work in the State Legislature as a Legislative Aide and Office Manager before attending Gonzaga University School of Law. While obtaining my Juris Doctorate I pursued a Masters in Business Administration. I served on the Gonzaga University Board of Regents as the Law School Student Representative and served as a Student Ambassador for the Admissions Office all the while studying corporate law, writing business plans, and enjoying the Spokane area. I also served as a judicial extern under Chief Judge Burns at the Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals and Judge Richard Roberts of the Washington State Office of Administrative Hearings.

Upon completing my joint J.D./M.B.A. program I worked as the a Corporate Counsel at a Hawaii human resource administration firm. There I focused on contract review and drafting, training, compliance with labor and employment law and other forms of regulation affecting small and medium-sized businesses.

Recently, I have been serving as the Committee Clerk to the Hawaii House of Representatives Chair of Labor and Vice-Chair of Judiciary. With my background in law and business I now concentrate on providing affordable legal services to small businesses for their start-up and operational needs. I am an owner-operator just like so many of our local small businesses.

When not practicing law I can be found dining out, writing a food blog, playing with my iPad apps, and hanging out with my dogs.”

For more on Ryan, check out his blog.


Ed, The Organik

Ed Fernandez
Founder of Organik Clothing

Ed grew up on the beach surfing. He learned how to snowboard and eventually followed the snow year round. A need to change up his lifestyle landed him on the Big Island of Hawaii, where he recharged his batteries and returned to his childhood passion, surfing. He was inspired by the nature and people that surrounded him.

During the summer of 2007, while on a family vacation with his cousin and eventual co-founder Brian, an experienced graphic designer, Ed began to share his vision of the brand Organik. Ed, envisioned stylish clothing that featured original art and focused around organic and sustainable materials.

Upon returning to the Big Island, Ed and Brian immediately got to work. They test marketed their first series of prints at a local surf shop in Kona and created an instant following. Ed and Brian gained tremendous interest, while exhibiting their first collection at POOL tradeshow in Las Vegas Nevada. Eventually, Ed lucked out with Fred Segal landing an account with Whole Foods.

What started out as a vision has evolved into the reputable clothing brand that is truly Organik! A beach lifestyle clothing label sprouted in Hawaii and inspired by the love of nature that surrounds us. Organik clothing uses sustainable, organic cotton and recycled materials in our collection to preserve green and natural life.

Ed and his team have used The Box Jelly coworking space to prepare for the Interstyle Tradeshow in Japan as well as to deal with the day to day needs of running his own clothing label.

For more info, check out their website.

Ed has also just returned from his Sirens + Sailors tour of the East Coast. For more on that, check out his blog.


HI Capacity | Honolulu Makerspace

HI Capacity is a community of creators. The organization focuses on bringing creative people together to engage in dynamic projects. Since its inception, amazing software has been produced within the group. HI Capacity is making waves in the tech community here in Hawai’i.

Inline with the original vision for the group, HI Capacity is partnering with The Box Jelly in search for a home. The dream is to build a makerspace where both tech and non-tech related projects will be perused by the members of HI Capacity’s community. The Box Jelly and HI Capacity are excited to be partnering together.

On Saturday, Sept. 10 from 10am to 1pm, there will be a HI Capacity programming breakfast meet at The Box Jelly. At these meets, sometimes there will be talks, other times there will be hacks. Members gather together for show and tell, talk shop and try to hack the coolest new software.

For more info, or just to check out what they’re up to, go to their website.