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Hawaii's First Coworking Space

Code for America w/ Jennifer Pahlka and Tim O’Reilly

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A couple of days ago we had Jennifer Pahlka Founder of Code for America and Tim O’Reilly from O’Reilly Media visiting Hi-Capacity for a talk. They were both very different people but cool in there own way. O’Reilly reminded me a little of Doc from back to the future but a little more centered. Jennifer a true visionary. Both speakers were on top of their game regardless of a lack of sleep due to traveling, much respect.



Mozilla Firefox and the Hawaii Advantage

Recently we had a team from Mozilla come to The Box Jelly for the week to build and release Firefox 10.0.1 (amongst a few other things). It was a really exciting experience for our team and a chance to step our game up.

I have a lot of people ask me (borderline scolding me) why didn’t you tweet the sh*t out of them being there. Well I’ll tell you. Respect and the Hawaii Advantage.

1. I have a lot of Respect for their G.S.D. (get sh.. done) The purpose of their trip here was to deliver. In our position (as the box jelly) we have to think about what is best for our community and guests. I made a conscious choice not to heavily publicize their presence till after they left so they could work without distractions. If you’ve updated your Firefox browser you know that the mission was accomplished. Yes we plan on working with them to share the Mozilla movement with the island community in the future.

2. The “Hawaii Advantage” is something I’ve been striving to understand since we embraced the journey of creating Hawaii’s 1st cowork space. The Mozilla team choose Hawaii for two reasons, location and price. Hawaii made logistical and financial sense plain and simple. Yes I too was surprised to hear that in a hyper connected world, global teams need to meet face to face from time to time. After the initial shock it made complete sense. Their visit here was inspiring and renewed my resolve to keep pushing coworking in Hawaii.

Mahalo Mozillans for sharing your time here with us. It was fun.


Let’s talk branding w/ Eneri Abillar of Vapor Studio.

This Thursday at 7pm we will have a guest and fellow coworker Eneri Abillar Creative Principle and Industrial Designer at Vapor Studio share his experiences in branding.


I was at the Apple store this past weekend browsing and saw one of Eneri’s products on the shelf. Very cool. I hope you can make it out.




Worldwide #Jellyweek @ The Box Jelly

Worldwide #Jellyweek is coming to The Box Jelly.


If you’ve never experienced a Jelly (Coworking) here is your chance. We will be letting people tryout coworking for free Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm. Every evening we will be having an different event in partnership with members of our community.


Monday 7pm     “Fear & Inner Hustle”     Mixer & Talk w/ Bill Spencer of Hawaii Venture Capital Association and John Watkins serial entrepreneur

Free Food and The Good Drink


Tuesday 7pm     Aloha Startups w/ HTDC details coming soon…


Wednesday 7pm    Private Event.


Thursday 7pm     Hi-Capacity Open House. Check out what all the hype is about with Hawaii’s maker community. We will be headed to the IDGA mixer down the road after.


Friday 7pm     Sirens + Sailors mini-concert series. Organik Clothing will be hosting a series of mini concerts kicking off on Friday.

Free Food and The Good Drink


HI Capacity Soldering Workshop December 13th

Here’s an upcoming Hi-Capacity event just in time for Christmas. Blinky lights!!!


We’ll be doing an incredibly fun beginner’s soldering workshop led by Jeremy Chan. Jeremy Chan is an experienced electrical engineer working at the Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory.

No tools or experience is necessary, but feel free to bring your own.

After this lesson, you’ll be ready to solder on your own.

What the workshop will cover:

  • A quick safety introduction
  • Basic soldering concepts and how-tos. We will be practicing on PCBs.
  • Then we will be building an LED Christmas tree!

Christmas LED Tree

It’ll have blinky lights and will be a gift for you to take home! It’s an ornament you can show off your DIY skills with your family, friends and coworkers.

“That looks really cool, where did you buy it?”, they’ll say.

“I made it myself” responding with a grin.


$45 for members

$55 for non-members

This event is different than our free events. Your payment will help us cover the following:

  • Equipment costs (solder, soldering irons)
  • Using the The Box Jelly space. Because we are having a paid event, we will be renting the space. The rate is $280 for 3 hours or 1/3 of our profits, which ever amount is less.
  • The LED Christmas tree ornament costs roughly $20 with shipping
  • Any remaining profit will directly towards improving our current and future Makerspace.

Parking Tips

At The Box Jelly, there will be street parking available, although it is limited. You can park at the Sports Authority across the street. Questions can be directed to


Space, the Final Frontier

What would you like in your Cowork Space?

We just opened The Box Jelly this past summer and before then we were poling friends, family, and many of our entrepreneurial colleagues about what they would want in a new space.  We have been “popped up” for five months now and we want to hear from our community again about what they want in their workspace.

We are a coworking environment which means we offer collaborative workspace for the aspiring entrepreneur, independent freelancer, or that individual looking for a change in their work-life.  That said, holler at us now and tell us all about what you want!

Is it peace and quiet, cool background music, gourmet coffee, great people to work around?  Speaking for myself when we flew across country doing research about coworking it was a cool looking work environment that drew me.  I wanted a space that offered a modern feel, some artwork, comfortable furniture, a few good books (I’m a lit nerd) and great lighting.

Just to get the juices flowing let’s throw out a few ideas!!!
– helpful classes for independents. i.e. negotiation skills, tax help, social media, business law
– flexible memberships
– Internship opportunities
– monthly newsletters
– Happy Hour – BYOB + discounted hourly rates
– a membership referral program with incentives for current members
– English style phone booth for private calls

Let us know your thoughts, ideas, contributions, you are our community!!


2011 TechHui Conference, December 10th

The conference is Saturday, December 10th at UH Manoa, with the goal to highlight interesting Hawai’i-based people, projects and organizations working in science, technology and interactive design. The day long event seeks to facilitate education and networking within the Hawai’i technology community as well as helping Hawaii technologists connect with global technology leaders. Along with Ignite Honolulu 2, you will be exposed to Mobile Development, Web Apps for the People & Hawaii’s New Broadband Initiative, Kukui Cup: Gamification of Energy Efficiency, Social Media, and 3D CG & Animation. To attend the 2011 TechHui Conference, click here.

General admission to the 2011 TechHui Conference is $35, and $25 for TechHui members. If you are unfamiliar with TechHui, it is Hawaiʻi’s science, technology and new media community. Sign up to connect with a network of over 2,500 members in Hawai‘i. Visit the TechHui website, here.

2011 TechHui Conference Schedule

9:00am – 10:15am: Keynote: Geometric Theory of Everything

10:30pm – 11:45pm: Social Media
10:30pm – 11:45pm: Gov. Tech: Mobile Apps, Web & Broadband

12:00pm – 1:00pm: Lunch (outside)

1:15pm – 2:30pm: Mobile Development
1:15pm – 2:30pm: Kukui Cup (Gamification of Energy Conservation)

2:45pm – 4:00pm: Ignite Honolulu 2

4:15pm – 5:30pm: 3D CG & Animation




Crowdfunding with Ryan Hew & Wayne Chi, November 15th

Summary: Need capital fast? Have a hot idea for a product or service? Don’t want to deal with the bank or institutional investors? Are you curious about crowdfunding?

This talk will feature Wayne Chi, startup attorney licensed in Hawaii and California and Ryan K. Hew, local small business attorney. Wayne brings experience from the area known for startups and even has done a project related to crowdfunding. They will discuss the legalities and some of the issues of turning to crowdfunding as a vehicle for raising capital. (45 min. talk, 15 min. Q&A)

Suggested Price: $20 for non-members, $15 for members

Location: 703C Kamani Street. The Box Jelly popup coworking space is located inside the contemporary furniture store, fishcake.

Date: November 15th, 7pm


The Box Jelly is the hottest spot for techies to connect

By Mike Meyer

We’ve all seen them around town: groups of young people (or not so young people) in animated conversations at Starbucks, Coffee Talk or other caffeine-fueled gathering places. They are there for the Wi-Fi and the java, but often it’s not just a social event. In the tech world it can be serious business.

Coffee shops located near high-tech havens on the mainland, such as Woodside Bakery & Cafe in Silicon Valley, became famous as ad hoc tech incubators way before Wi-Fi even existed. However, coffee shops have their limitations. As meeting places they can be distracting and sometimes noisy. What’s more, management does not appreciate people monopolizing a table for hours on end for the price of a cappuccino.

So what’s the answer?

If popularity is any kind of gauge, the next big thing in meeting spaces is a Kakaako-based venue with the unlikely name of The Box Jelly.

Dubbed a “a co-working place,” it opened up inside Fishcake (a trendy furniture store) at 307c Kamani St. in Kakaako in September, and young entrepreneurs have been flocking there ever since.

And for good reason.

The Box Jelly has all the accoutrements any tech evangelist would want, including an 800-square-foot, brightly lit interior, high-speed Internet access, a plethora of electrical outlets, a color printer and plenty of parking. Naturally there’s a coffee station that features a locally roasted Wailua blend. You can also rent a desk for $7 an hour or by the month. Groups can rent the entire facility for events.

CEO Rechung Fujihira and his partners in the startup (all products of the Hogan Entrepreneurial Program at Chaminade University) say The Box Jelly offers something that a coffee shop doesn’t have: a much better possibility of connecting with like-minded colleagues.

“The whole idea of co-working spaces,” said Dan Leuck, founder of Ikayzo, Honolulu’s hottest Web development and social media shop, “is to attract like-minded tech and creative people for the purpose of facilitating spontaneous partnerships. Sometimes it’s as simple as a freelance developer discovering a great designer to work with on her current Web project. Other times what starts as a few brainstorming freelancers turns into a company.”

Said Fujihira, “We are here to learn from our peers and get things done. We are co-working.”

In addition to The Box Jelly, there are two other Kakaako co-working spaces: R&D and The Green House.

Whether the proliferation of co-working spaces is a fad or a technology bellwether is anyone’s guess.

Time will tell whether they can spawn the next Facebook or Apple.

Mike Meyer, former Internet general manager at Oceanic Time Warner Cable, now runs Islanda Managed Cloud Services, based in Honolulu. Reach him at