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Hawaii's First Coworking Space

New Member Deal: Living Social

If you’ve been wanting to take the leap with us, but just needed a little extra push, we have got an amazing offer for you. Through our current Living Social deal, you can score a one week or better yet, a one month membership for just half off. Come take a tour of the space and decide if you’d like to become a part of our awesome community. We’d love to have you!

Living Social Deal


In The News: BoxJelly Is Expanding!

In case you haven’t been beyond WhiteBox at BoxJelly lately, we’ve taken on a big expansion project to make more room and continue to make BoxJelly the best place to work in Hawaii. In addition to building out a space for SunRun, we’ll have an additional conference room, work spaces, tenant space and a lounge area. This is all thanks to you guys, our members, for supporting BoxJelly and being a part of this amazing community! You can read more about the expansion in this feature article that appeared in Pacific Business News yesterday. #workthewayyoulive

Pacific Business News

BoxJelly Expansion in Pacific Business News



EVENTS: Linkapedia soft launch + demo

Pau hana with Linkapedia for pupu’s, drinks, and product demo tomorrow, November 12, 6pm – 9pm at the BoxJelly. Remember, for each person that participates, Linkapedia donates $20 to the Malala Fund, and provides a free Uber ride to or from the event! Read on for more…


Linkapedia is a new discovery engine, dubbed as the “place to go when you don’t know”. Essentially, it is a GPS for topics on the internet. The Linkapedia team works with no borders – their developers are in Columbia, the owner is in Kauai and France, their designer is a 19 year old MIT student – so it is no wonder Kate, the event coordinator and online consumer marketer for Linkapedia, is coworking at the BoxJelly. We sat down with Kate as she plans the soft launch and demo for the new discovery engine.

So what is Linkapedia? 

The concept is set up like a cloud map. So if you’re interested in a topic or passion, you will type in surfing for example. Instead of just giving you results that have ‘surfing’ as a keyword in a random webpage, it will actually pull up categories of your topic based on different surfing events, different surfing gear, surfing locations, pro surfers…it basically gives you this GPS for different topics or passions you’re interested in.

What can we expect at the event?

 We want people to show up and use their phones and demo the product with their favorite topic, and tell us what they think about it.

How do you think that will effect the way people search for things?

Well, we want to change the way people search for things. And the hardest part of this is, is getting people to adopt to a new routine, because so many people say “search” – I’m gonna “search” for something on the internet. It’s something so routine for them that this is such a completely different concept, and the more people want to learn and grow as a person and expand their interests, this is going to become mor prevalent in the way that they want to use the internet.

So what about groups of people like businesses, organizations, or larger entities will use Linkapedia?

We’re thinking that this will be really great for schools and for the youth because when they’re trying to learn something in school, or trying to study up on something – like they’re just getting into skateboarding. and they’re really excited about skateboarding, but all they know is their friends have some – but they don’t know about the trucks, or the wheels, or what skateboards are called in different countries and pro skateboarders – so how does someone learn about that? And giving them a really easy place to go to just type in skateboarding, and it pulls up everything they want.

There’s another reason we’re doing this too…there are 3 billion people that aren’t connected to the internet. Facebook is actually behind this movement and initiative where they’re trying to work with phone manufacturers to lower hte cost of smart phones, so they can get more smart phones to get the extra phones to the other 3billion people otu there who are not their customers right now. So we kind of fall into that a little bit because we’re technically a mobile type of website. So if that happens and they have this big push to where smart phones cost $40 or something like that, then a lot of the different companies and apps are gonna want to be more mobile focused, because that’s gonna capture more customers for them.


WORKSPACES: Danielle Wood

Welcome to our new feature, Workspaces, where you can meet your fellow BoxJelly members and see how they work.
Danielle Wood
Position/Title: Operations and Customer Care Manager at Experience HI, an online tour and activities desk.
BoxJelly Member since: May 2013
What do you enjoy most about (co)working at The Box Jelly? From the very first moment I walked in the door, I’ve loved the energy. It’s unlike any other space I’ve worked in before. The vibe is fresh, creative and collaborative. I enjoy meeting other people who have the same interests as myself as well as being introduced to new topics and ideas.
Fill in the blank: When you’re not at The Box Jelly, you’re enjoying pau hana & an occasional night out dancing with my girlfriends, exploring the Island with my boyfriend and his dog, FaceTiming with my family, cooking, taking pictures (of everything!), reading or thinking about social media and just living aloha!
Tell us about your workspace:
What do you keep there? Besides the obvious work related items. I keep a collection of tea and my favorite ink pens.
Favorite item on your desk you can’t live/work without: My drink containers. I love that we now have FloWater. I hydrate all day long, alternating between hot tea and cold water.
photo 3

Join us for the official launch of Minded!

Tomorrow evening, Mark & Tiffany Quezada will host the official launch party for their new startup, Minded at BoxJelly! Minded will help you perfect the art of gift giving so you’ll never forget an occasion and pick out a thoughtful gift. It’s a “White Elephant” party, so after registering here, be sure to bring you best (aka worst) white elephant gift. There will be pupus, giveaways and a demo of Minded. See more of Minded at





Will Reppun
BoxJelly member since: March 2013
Position/Title: Senior Developer
Company: Outside Intelligence

Meet BoxJelly member Will Reppun. He’s currently jelly-ing in Istanbul, so before he went off into the world, we wanted to catch up with him through our new blog series: WORKSPACES.

What do you enjoy most about coworking at the BoxJelly? One of the big stigmas about working remotely is that you end up talking to yourself and living in your underwear with a beard that doubles as a napkin.  The BoxJelly keeps me using real napkins. The cloth kind. Lux.

Fill in the blank: “When I’m not working at the BoxJelly, I’m ____.”
Hiking.  Or sailing.  Sometimes camping.  Probably sailing though.  Or out at my uncles’ farm.


Favorite item on your desk:  My desk is lame.  Right now I have a computer, a Starbucks iced coffee filled with water (+1 re-use), a pair of sunglasses that I found in the middle of a highway in Colorado (they still had the price sticker on them — $5!), a whole bunch of change that someone stacked neatly when I was gone (and which I promptly knocked over), a monitor, Stephen King’s “11/22/63” (not a good book, but an excellent monitor stand), and a mostly full BoxJelly notebook.  The notebook.  That’s my favorite.  Stylish and useful.


Ah yes, stylish and useful; just like the BoxJelly. In the upcoming months, you mentioned a stay/work-cation in Istanbul; cheers to you! Could you tell us a little more about what you’ll be doing, and how you ended up going to Istanbul?
The company I work for is based in Toronto.  Whether I’m in Honolulu or Istanbul, it’s all the same to them.  I think.  They haven’t complained about it yet.  But they wouldn’t like if I took 2 months off work to go travel, so instead I’m going to head over there with my girlfriend, and work while I’m there. That’s one of my favorite parts about the BoxJelly life — work wherever you want to.  Some days I work from home.  Some days I work from the North Shore.  I’ve worked while traveling in New York.  This is just another (rather drastic) extension of that.  And working on the trip makes it more financially feasible — instead of burning through the cash reserves I hope to at least break even.  Before taxes.  And I get to live in Istanbul.  And maybe Morocco for a month. Super excited.

We’re excited for you too Will!


BoxLunch Vendor: Inum Taste (Kosraean Benevolent Association)

BoxLunch is a lunchtime series featuring food vendors in the BoxJelly storefront from 11am – 3pm. Click here for the list of schedules. Inum Taste will be at BoxLunch Tuesday’s.

This vendor is unique. Food is a way to connect with people; cooking, as a way of communication, transcends any language barrier, national identity, or cultural affiliation and connects us through the common physiological need to eat. The Kosraean Benevolent Association is one that understands this, and is creating a means to connect with Hawaii through this food venture.

KBA is a small organization, established by individuals who want to see the Micronesian community become self-sustaining individuals, and contributing citizens to the US as they move from their island homes and assimilate to the West. “This is how we can help our people become effective contributors to society,” says chairman Lino Talley. “(Moving to the US) is a cultural shock, and they’re not ready for that. That’s why we ended up with this other group of people doing all these negative things here in the States. That’s one thing that I believe can really help our people. By educating them.”

They hold regular meetings at the BoxJelly, initiate various ventures to raise funds, and acts as a centralized source for resources such as job skill improvements, community, and social services information referrals. As a startup organization, they’re only serving the Kosraean community, but are looking to target all four of the island states; a bold initative, especially because they are one of (if not the only) organization of its kind. We sat down with Lino Talley, KBA Chairman, to learn more about them and BoxLunch.

How did KBA decide to participate in BoxLunch?
For me, it all started because we need some funding, and it’s a good way to promote our mission. It would be a fast way to establish some funds, and so with help from Meltina and the other ladies, they really worked this idea to do some fundraising, adn what we have back on the island to bring here to expose our self to the community.


Member Jerry Tolenoa (left), and chairman Lino Talley (right).

Member Jerry Tolenoa (left), and chairman Lino Talley (right).

What are some obstacles/unexpected challenges that KBA has had to face as an organization?
Funding will be number one. Getting funding and ways to finance our movement, or our mission. So whey you opened up the BoxLunch, we were really grateful for that too, because that’s our first pioneer project.

The KBA team at BoxLunch.

The KBA team at BoxLunch.

Number two will be to get our people participating in it. That’s normally the challenge we’re facing now. And that’s where we put in education, trying to create programs and educational outreach into our people. If we can educate them, then they can find jobs, then they can open a bank account, they improve their credit scores, they can buy property, and become effective contributors to the society or the community they’re in.

A "mini" plate: Papaya Steak, Rice, Kosraean BBQ Chicken, Cabbage Salad, and Kim Chee Long Rice

A “mini” plate: Papaya Steak, Rice, Kosraean BBQ Chicken, Cabbage Salad, and Kim Chee Long Rice

What is the most rewarding part of being a part of this organization?
Like I said a while back, it’s about educating and about self-sufficiency so that they can become aware of what they are supposed to be, or live in the States. Most of these people are people that came form the island. They just don’t have that knowledge. So I believe if we can educate them and program them well for their standards, then that’s the most rewarding part of it. To bring them up to a level where they can help themselves out financially, vocationally, as we stated in our mission. We want to see our peoplel move from the transitional programs that have been given, so that some day, we can see them at this level. We want to see our people transition.



Elyse and Megan, KBA at the BoxJelly.

Elyse and Megan, KBA at the BoxJelly.

Kosraean Benevolent Association
Tuesday’sBoxLunch (307 Kamani Street)


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