Meet our neighbors: fishcake

Whether strolling through fishcake for the first, or the 10th time, it always manages to evoke a  sense of awe and curiosity. What exactly is this store? It’s quite obvious that fishcake is a home goods and accessory shop but there’s something else going on here. From the organization of the space to the wide distribution of products and designers, it embodies much more than your traditional furniture store.  

To better explore this unknown, I went straight to the woman behind it all, Maura Fujihira.

The Theory

When fishcake’s doors opened in December 2007, Maura and her partner at the time, Akemi Rogers, envisioned a space that would continuously grow and evolve through the inspiration of local artists. With this intent, fishcake naturally took an eclectic yet acutely curated vibe by showcasing  Honolulu’s art community; a reflection of an ever-transforming industry.


Like myself, many newcomers wonder about the origin of inspiration from where such a comprehensive environment is developed. The answer? An addition to fishcake, Maura is the founder of interior design company “fishcake works” where she has, along with many other things, learned to incorporate the vision of each client with her personal style. “It’s like the chicken and the egg” Maura explains, “I often find a piece in the space that I see fit in an interior design project. Other times, outside projects give me ideas for fishcake curation.”  Working in commercial, residential and retail settings, Maura has acquired skill in the art of connecting people, ideas, and contrasting artists into a single cohesive space. fishcake is made up of a combination of recurring shows such as Kagu Akari, which supports the UH school of architecture, rotating local artists, and fishcake exclusives pieces, made in collaboration with local artists and craftsmen.


Just to give you a taste of Fishcake’s seasonal taste, here a few of the currently featured artists:


Joe Bright - Oil Painter

Georgie Woollard - Wood Sculptures

Jinja Kim - Polymer Wood Clay Tile Tablets

Susan Wang - Ceramsist

Rumi Marakami - Handmade Women’s Clothing

KH Studio - Artisan Body Care

Taryn Yamane - Ceramics

Tutu Vi - Screen Print Pillow Case Designer

Premadona - Hawaiian indigo dyed products


So how, given the various elements that create fishcake,  do they manage to weave it all  together in a seamless, ecosystem? Maura’s years of experience and creative talent combined with her dynamic team has made it possible to maintain such a fluidly diverse collection of art and style.

The Team


As fishcake’s floor manager and assistant space designer with a background in soft goods sales and consulting, Chris is the conductor. He maintains a tight-knit team to ensure the space runs  like a well oiled machine.




Known on the streets by his DJ moniker, “The Forrest”, Forrest brings a musical approach to his interpretation of art and space design. By adding a new element to the visual experience, Forrest uses his passion for music to provide a multi-sensory  fishcake. In other words, he brings the party.




As event coordinator for UH Manoa’s dance program, SheenRu brings knowledge on a new form of art into the space. Her energetic and welcoming presence helps attract new faces into the space and while maintaining a fresh environment.




Brian acts as the bridge between the varied artists and concepts. Brian has developed a keen eye for exciting new talent and finding the best way to promote the products to the general public. With this dynamic team, fishcake adds a fresh and well rounded perspective on the art of interior decorating. The team aims to develop a leading and lively collection of local art of all various mediums. [/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row row_type="row" use_row_as_full_screen_section="no" type="full_width" text_align="left" css_animation=""][vc_column][vc_column_text]

The Future

In order to foster an atmosphere that promotes growth and movement, fishcake is always looking for the next breakout piece, program or person. Some fun ideas for the future fish:


  1. Adding local magazine and books to showcase photography and storytellers of Oahu culture, bringing education into the space while helping their audience learn more about in house artists.

  2. Working with Hawaii Correctional and Energy Excelerator to promote the production of local artwork and products while giving the women’s prison work and supporting clean energy.

  3. Continuing evening get togethers like the most recent addition end of the month evening Listening Party and Sunday Brunch the first Sunday of the month to bring the community together for a collaborative event while creating an opportunity to learn about different vendors in the space.

  4. Classes, similar to a past program “The Fish School”, fostering an environment for local artists to teach classes geared towards expanding our knowledge on the world of art and design as well as learning new crafts.


Stop by fishcake to see how they create community by local art and how this insight complements curated interior design.