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Artist in Residence: Call for Artists Spring 2019

Since 2011, Box Jelly has functioned as a collaborative workspace for a diverse set of professionals. Our mission is to provide a carefully curated physical space that cultivates and enriches our communities. As a coworking space, we understand the importance of a dedicated work area. This is why we're opening up our resources to upcoming artists.

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For Your Inspiration (FYI) with Kevin Sweeney

For Your Inspiration (FYI) is a Monday morning talk series. We all have our versions of Monday Morning. Where the wind is knocked out of us. When we’re more anxious than excited for the day ahead. Join us for a candid conversation about how thought-leaders in our community build resilience and stay motivated through setbacks, frustrations, and failures.

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Solo Exhibition by Artist in Resident Amelia Samari

Same Same But Different” is a body of work completed over a six month Artist in Residence by fiber artist, Amelia Samari. Commonly used to trick consumers into buying counterfeits, the phrase “Same Same But Different” means something is functionally or aesthetically the same as something else but differs in methods of implementation or minor details.

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Function Follows Form

I find myself coming back again and again to the vessel, asking myself why I am attracted to it. I’ve always been curious of the functional side of art making. I’ve also enjoyed the process of making vessels that get everyday use; artwork that is not just displayed on a wall or placed on a shelf but rather artwork that is integrated into one's life.

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Domain Night

Interested in learning more about creating domains or building a website? Come connect with HiCapacity at BoxJelly next Monday, May 23rd. To participate please RSVP here and send a list of up to 5  of your top domain names to Did I mention there will be pizza?  

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