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Tuesday 4/29/14

So there's a lot of encouragement for public and alternative forms of transport, but I'd argue why we are still attached to cars is because of their reliability. It's a lot easier to get back on the right path with a car. This thought would circle in my head as I was late for my next appointment with Jerome from Blankspaces.

It was somewhat serendipitous because I ended up going to the wrong Blankspaces location, and was able to see the first location at Mid-Wilshire. This is the space from which Jerome improved his model and design for the  second Blankspaces location in downtown LA.

"So what about programming?"

"Ugh! Too much work. I've designed for that."

"What about member communication?"

"Agh! Too much hassle. I've designed for that."

"What about community culture?"

"Bah! I've designed for that too."

*NOT direct quotations*

So those aren't direct quotes, but it gets the gist. Jerome's dismissiveness was about  the inefficiencies of implementing all of those things. Of course, we know that all of those elements are essential, but what he's designed has challenged me to shake off my own perceptions and assumptions of what is "necessary", and to think about what really gets to the point of our initiatives. "People are ultimately here to work, not to socialize." It's quite bold, but ultimately, it's true. The point for joining a coworking space is the same:Whether you're unproductive working alone, or need an affordable alternative, you need to #GSD.  It is the design of coworking spaces that services the intersection of different people, from different places, and from different industries. This design facilitates the common denominator in the way that they work. Every design is wrong and every design is right; but are members being productive in the environment created? Are they wanting to be in that environment? Does the community match the expectations of the coworking space, and vice versa?

Jerome also hosted a workshop at Juicy on architecture and design of coworking spaces. He's got a lot going on with coworking associations, so I'd pay attention to LEXC and Coshare if you aren't already familiar. Coworking - it's coming to every city near to, and far from, you!

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