CreativeMornings: Matt Bruening on “Inclusion”


At the end of April, BoxJelly co-hosted its first CreativeMornings event under the direction of our very own Meredith Mawhar. CreativeMornings began in 2008 by Tina Roth Eisenberg who wanted to create an ongoing, accessible event for New York’s creative community. This consisted of a breakfast and a short talk one Friday morning every month, free and open to anyone. The speakers selected to lead these monthly talks focus on a global theme. Over the last ten years CreativeMornings has expanded to multiple cities around the world.

The Honolulu chapter’s first theme, Inclusion, welcomes Matt Bruening as its first speaker. Matt Bruening is one of Oahu’s leading fashion designers and was raised in Makaha. He aspired to own a men’s clothing shop to provide Hawaii’s fashion scene with something unique but as he grew older, he became more interested in the details of creating various items. Today, he designs minimalistic ensembles for his fashion line, Matt Bruening Label.

During his talk, Matt brought up the theme of inclusion in social media and shared he wants to show representation of every ethnic group and every body shape in his Instagram feed. He also mentioned his experience of recognizing that he cannot do everything alone and that it is okay to collaborate with others.

If you missed Matt Bruening’s talk on inclusion or want to experience it again, check it out below.

Don’t forget to register for the next CreativeMornings talk which is happening on Friday, May 31, 8:00am – 10:00am and will be hosted at Entrepreneurs Sandbox. This month’s theme is “Preserve” and led by Michelle Jaime, the principal and creative director of The Vanguard Theory, a multi-disciplinary design studio.

Register now for the next talk by clicking here.

Lalaine Ignao