Welcome to the Community, Ānuenue Tea!

As we said our goodbyes to Morning Glass a few weeks ago, we welcome in a new face to the BoxJelly and fishcake fam, Jason Chung and his business, Ānuenue Tea. The tea enthusiast began his business in 2015 in hopes of educating the community about tea culture and promoting a healthier lifestyle through his business.  

Photo by Instagram @anuenuetea

Photo by Instagram @anuenuetea

“Ānuenue means rainbow in Hawaiian. To me, Ānuenue has multiple meanings behind it. One of the reasons is that we want to be like a bridge that connects people together. To me, tea is an eastern thing. I want to connect the east with the west. I also like talking about living a healthier lifestyle, especially mental and physical health. Physical meaning what you drink and what you eat and mental is how you feel. You gotta be happy. Naturally, when people see rainbows, they are happy. With Ānuenue Tea, I want to bring people happiness.”

The idea of starting Ānuenue Tea began in 2011 when Jason was interning in Taiwan. He was introduced to boba for the first time and fell in love with it, wanting to create a business of his own. After he helped popularize a boba tea company in 2012, Jason branched off and began planning the beginnings of a healthier boba tea company. Jason started his business with creating homemade, healthier versions of brown sugar and condensed milk for his business. He originally used raw, local honey as a sweetener when he owned a storefront in Kailua.

This tea enthusiast chose tea because he believes that it’s healthier than coffee.

“For example, matcha is 10 times stronger in caffeine content, but it has a very stable, slow, lease caffeine. It helps people focus and helps speed up metabolism. Tea offers a more mellow feeling that provides a good balance of caffeine and health.”

Jason found himself moving into the space after Maura of fishcake approached him about joining the community. He shares that being at BoxJelly and fishcake gives him the opportunity to test out his menu before making Ānuenue Tea an establishment again.

“Being here, it’s very interesting because I get to meet different entrepreneurs and business owners. To me, it’s bringing that kind of synergy and gets my creative juices going. I’m not the kind of person that looks at the recipe and sticks with it. Since I am changing my menu, it’s nice to get feedback from so many different people.”

Jason hopes to extend the hours in the near future and expand his menu to offer his homemade boba, plantation tea and food items such as waffles and various pastries. Ānuenue Tea is now open to the public from 8am – 2pm in the former Morning Glass cafe.

Lalaine Ignao