Neighborhood Doggo Bloggo: Gobi the Introvert


The very first candidate for our new dog blog segment is the one and only Gobi Dog! About eight years old, owner Rechung Fujihira presumes he is possibly part Pomeranian and Australian Shepherd. Gobi weighs about 15 pounds and loves to eat dried veal tails. Some of his favorite activities include “forgetting people and then barking at them even though he met them and became friends with them the day before.” Being cute, sometimes aloof, playful and very forgetful are some of Gobi’s traits.

Gobi was originally a foster dog and was pawned off to Rechung by Dan and Cindy. After a month of fostering him, Rechung knew that he could not give him back and adopted him right away.



I’m comfort.

I’m peace. SHUT UP!

Leave me loner hoo-man.

I don’t understand hoo-man obsession with doggo-me. They want to come and touch my skin. I want to relax. I wait for Rechung for home. Dried meat taste satisfactory. I stick close to masterman to keep me away from these “undesirables.” When I’m not with him, I like my safe-space. Catch me laying underneath the wooden table. Nevermind, I don’t like you. I like laying on cold floors. Reminds me of hoo-man soul. Barren and cold.

Lalaine Ignao