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The Jelly Report (5/27-6/2)

The Jelly Report (5/27-6/2)

The Jelly Report: Your weekly source for what’s happening this week at The BoxJelly. 

Aloha Jellys!

Here goes another installment of “The Jelly Report”, a weekly resource for what’s happening at The BoxJelly and within our member community. Please take the time to read through and find out what’s going down at The BoxJelly this week. Have a great week!

“BTW, for your convenience, this Jelly Report will always be posted on our bulletin board outside of the restroom.”

BoxJelly Staff


** Meet the BoxJelly Interns
We are grateful to have some awesome interns working interns with us this summer to help us build a better BoxJelly community. Let’s meet them!



Aloha everyone, my name is Britney Taamu-Miyashiro. After graduating from Hanover College in 2012 I recently returned home to Honolulu, looking to make Hawaii a better place to work and live. My major is in sociology, and is complimented with a business concentration, lending to my primary interests in social innovation and place-making. This summer, I will be at George Mason University’s Social Innovation Program, attending their 5-week social entrepreneurship intensive. During June and July, you’ll be able to follow my summer journey on our site’s blog! The segment will feature other coworking spaces as I Jelly my way across the Midwest and East Coast. It has already been an inspirational and enriching experience working amongst you all. Keep up all the great (co)work! 

Fabian Fabian

Aloha. My name is Fabian Lewis, and I am an intern at BoxJelly. I am a veteran of the United States Army and recently was employed as a X-ray technologist at Tripler Army Medical Center. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Business Administration at Chaminade University, and I am a member of my school’s Hogan Entrepreneurial Program. I have lived in Hawaii for 6 years, as well as various places in Europe and the mainland. My hobbies include writing, training at UFC gym, and playing on my Xbox. I am here to help and learn all that I can, so please feel free to speak to me if you need anything.



Aloha fellow BoxJelly fanatics, I’m Bernardo Equila, but you may call me Sonny instead! I’m currently a senior at Chaminade University, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. I’m also a part of my school’s Hogan Entrepreneurial program. With my background, I hope to become a well-rounded Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Besides my career aspirations, I enjoy trying new cuisines, doodling, listening to live music, planning events, hiking, and body boarding. I am passionate about anything creative, social, or active. The BoxJelly has granted me the opportunity to meet people with similar passions, allowing me to thrive among brilliant minds.

** Box Jelly Member Profiles

Just another friendly reminder that this week our BoxJelly interns will be coming around to ask you a few quick questions about you and what you do, as well as take a photograph of you.
As part of a bigger initiative to update and redesign the BoxJelly website, we will be including profiles of our community members. This is not mandatory, if you do not wish to have your profile published on the BoxJelly website.

Thanks in advance for your participation.

** Take a Beer, Leave a Dollar

As you all have probably noticed, there is keg of cold and delicious locally brewed beer from Hawaiian Islands Brewing Company in the kitchen. It’s there for all members of the BoxJelly community to enjoy. HOWEVER, The BoxJelly does pay for the kegs and we do ask that you please donate $1.00 each time you dispense a glass of this frothy libation, so that we can keep the beer here.

Mahalo for your cooperation


Hi capacity Industry Practices on UI x UX

Date: Wednesday, May 29
Location: Classroom
Event Description: This talk is to inform others of the necessary steps in creating a website and the importance of UI (user interface) design.

Opent to Box Jelly Members?: Yes
Open to Public?: Yes
Price: Free

#StartupParadise Demo Day Afterparty

Date: Friday, May 30
Time: 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Location: BoxJelly, Main Room
Event Description: Afterparty for #StartupParadise Demo Day with Blue Startups teams. Beer and light pupus.
Open To Box Jelly Members?: Yes
Open To Public?: Yes
Price: Free

Makurro Makurro Pop-up Shop @ BoxJelly

Date: Sunday, June 2
Location: BoxJelly
Event Description: Makkuro Makkuro is a quarterly pop-up shop specializing in new and second-hand garments, accessories, and miscellaneous goods. Exclusive merchandise by local Hawaii designers and artisans will be showcased and available for purchase. Makkuro Makkuro pop-ups are only open for a limited amount of time before retreating back into darkness.
Open to Box Jelly Members?: Yes
Open to Public?: Yes
Price: Free


“Every great accomplishment in the world happend because someone decided not to give up. Every inspiring story starts with someone who decided to do something and kept going.”

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