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On Innovation and Creativity

On Innovation and Creativity

We all know the age old expression, “Get with the times!” To build off of this notion of being up-to-date on your industry and social circle, the more appropriate saying for our day in age would be “Get with the future!”

With an information, news and content-heavy world available to anyone with a computer (and the wifi password), we are now not only expected to have our heads in the game, but to have our hands in many pots, and to foresee where those pots are going.

With this objective in mind, breeding a versatile, multi-talented team with progressive and creative individuals must be perpetuated from those in leadership positions and percolate through the everyday workflow. In order to do so, company culture must create and maintain a supportive and encouraging environment. Every industry and every brand has their own way of curating their workplace mission and vibe, but there are some specific signs of do’s and dont’s to creating an innovative environment. Here are some do’s:

1. Working with Others


A skill we all learn in our elementary years, “teamwork”. In today’s global technology driven workforce, we often find ourselves staring into the abais of our laptops, saving our breaks to refuel. While being about to work where we want, when we want, and on whatever we want is a beautiful thing, human interaction is still as important as ever. The stimulus produced from conversating, bouncing ideas off of one another, and creating a dynamic dialog challenged by a difference of opinions makes for more interesting and thought provoking results. Work closely with your colleagues when you can.

2. Meetings & Meetups


Committing to weekly meetings creates a stable rhythm for employees to stay on their toes and keep each other in check. For example, being aware of and preparing for that Tuesday morning meeting will encourage your team to keep tabs on individual projects and the greater objective of the company. Creating weekly team meetups also provides a defined space to discuss goals, new ideas, and have mini brainstorming sessions. No one person, or organization for that matter, has all the answers to innovation.

3. Collaborative with your Outer Circle


Coworking is not just a result of bringing people of different backgrounds and professions together into a shared office space. A key part of the greater picture is connecting with the community and other like-minded organizations. Reaching out to over local business’ with a similar mission or specialized skillset can help bring in fresh ideas and a new perspective. Who knows, maybe even a strong, mutually beneficial relationship from which progression is propelled.

4. There are No Stupid Questions, Just Stupid People


We all know that is not the saying. There are no stupid questions! Asking questions and creating an environment that welcomes curiosity is where innovation is bred. In order to reap the benefits of working with a dynamic and driven team, management and coworkers alike have to maintain an open and communicative workspace to break through the ordinary.

5. Avoid Burnout’s


Maintaining a creative workplace means supporting a system of constant evolution. In a fast paced company where expectations are high and workload is heavy, opportunity often comes plentiful but too much can also be draining. Balance is key. Piling on too much and looking for the same quality in work is a recipe for employee burnout. Don’t stretch people too thin and see to it that each team member is in the right place to capitalize on their individual strong suits. Efficient and effective.

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