New to the Neighborhood | Hawaii's First Coworking Space
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New to the Neighborhood

New to the Neighborhood

“To get something you never had, you need to do something you never did.” Simple but true, trying new things will only expand your opportunities for success. With Kaka’ako’s current growth trends, it is becoming easier than ever to try something new everyday. SALT our Kaka’ako has done a five star job of bringing together community over our favorite indulgences: coffee, food, and drink. We’ve put together a little something on each of these new hot spots to give you a better idea.

Village Tasting Room

691 Auahu St


SALT’s newest edition, Village Tasting Room is SALT’s, is designed with the intention of creating a laid back environment to enjoy a unique beer and pair it with a snack of your choice, and it does just that. Keeping it local, half of the craft beers on draft are from brewery’s right here in Hawaii along with locally crafted snacks.

9bar/Juicd Life Hawaii

685 Auahi St #118



There’s nothing like a new coffee shop in town, especially walking distance from the office. This one in particular, brings a fresh flare and some noteworthy pastries like the ‘scuffin’. 9bar also offers light breakfast bowls like the Aloha bowl, adding a new-age twist to a local favorite the loco moco.


Juicd Life

For all you fresh juice fiends or those just looking for an alternative healthy option, Kaka’ako welcomes Juicd Life, our newest juice, smoothie, and salad bar. Indulge in a non-traditional form of the word with fruits and veggies!

Chubbies Burgers Food Truck

Corner of Auahi and Coral


If you’re as jazzed about the boom of food trucks around the island as I am, you’ll love this new burger joint. Chubbies Burgers brings you a great burger at a great price paired with classic thick cut crinkle fries topped with melted american cheese dubbed ‘Chub fries’. Keep an eye out for them; as you can imagine, their always on the move. Fun fact: The Chubbies crew can occasionally be seen frequenting BoxJelly!

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