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Juicy Journals 
Tuesday 4/29/14

There’s public transport, but then, there’s the sharing economy. Juicy gave us access to a promo code for Lyft, so of course I was going to try it despite my Uber allegiances. Since the app wasn’t connecting me with my driver, I couldn’t tell him I pinned the wrong address (sorry, Paul!); so instead, I went with uberX. Seriously, I think I found my part-time job once it hits Honolulu.

“Cabbing” still didn’t save me nearly enough time between then and my 6:15pm Amtrak departure, but I HAD to meet David; he’s the founder, AND from Hawai’i! Sam (the driver) said he’d pause the meter and wait 10minutes. I gave myself 5.

Malcolm Gladwell talks about the reliability of first impressions, and a first impression is pretty much all that I got of Kleverdog (and that Kleverdog got of me). Comfortable, active, and creative are the first words that come to mind. And as much of a rush as I was in, David just smiled, laughed, and said he’d be looking forward to next time we could talk story. Looks like I’ll just have to make another trip to LA!

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