Drop-In to BoxJelly For $5 When You DareShare | Hawaii's First Coworking Space
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Drop-In to BoxJelly For $5 When You DareShare

Drop-In to BoxJelly For $5 When You DareShare

Dareshare user sample

Do it! With DareShare #getshitdone

Do you want a BoxJelly day pass for only $5? Great, thought so! BoxJelly is teaming up with our friends over at DareShare to bring you this awesome deal. Here’s all you need to do:

1) Download DareShare, a free, locally-made app on the App Store at http://play.daresha.re
2) Pick a Dare
3) Use #getshitdone as a hashtag
4) Share the Dare
That’s it!

About DareShare: DareShare is a fun, new way for you to connect with friends, create and share funny moments, and get recognized!  Simply pick a Dare from the Play tab, take a pic, add a comment and share it.



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