EVENTS: Linkapedia soft launch + demo | Hawaii's First Coworking Space
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EVENTS: Linkapedia soft launch + demo

EVENTS: Linkapedia soft launch + demo

Pau hana with Linkapedia for pupu’s, drinks, and product demo tomorrow, November 12, 6pm – 9pm at the BoxJelly. Remember, for each person that participates, Linkapedia donates $20 to the Malala Fund, and provides a free Uber ride to or from the event! Read on for more…


Linkapedia is a new discovery engine, dubbed as the “place to go when you don’t know”. Essentially, it is a GPS for topics on the internet. The Linkapedia team works with no borders – their developers are in Columbia, the owner is in Kauai and France, their designer is a 19 year old MIT student – so it is no wonder Kate, the event coordinator and online consumer marketer for Linkapedia, is coworking at the BoxJelly. We sat down with Kate as she plans the soft launch and demo for the new discovery engine.

So what is Linkapedia? 

The concept is set up like a cloud map. So if you’re interested in a topic or passion, you will type in surfing for example. Instead of just giving you results that have ‘surfing’ as a keyword in a random webpage, it will actually pull up categories of your topic based on different surfing events, different surfing gear, surfing locations, pro surfers…it basically gives you this GPS for different topics or passions you’re interested in.

What can we expect at the event?

 We want people to show up and use their phones and demo the product with their favorite topic, and tell us what they think about it.

How do you think that will effect the way people search for things?

Well, we want to change the way people search for things. And the hardest part of this is, is getting people to adopt to a new routine, because so many people say “search” – I’m gonna “search” for something on the internet. It’s something so routine for them that this is such a completely different concept, and the more people want to learn and grow as a person and expand their interests, this is going to become mor prevalent in the way that they want to use the internet.

So what about groups of people like businesses, organizations, or larger entities will use Linkapedia?

We’re thinking that this will be really great for schools and for the youth because when they’re trying to learn something in school, or trying to study up on something – like they’re just getting into skateboarding. and they’re really excited about skateboarding, but all they know is their friends have some – but they don’t know about the trucks, or the wheels, or what skateboards are called in different countries and pro skateboarders – so how does someone learn about that? And giving them a really easy place to go to just type in skateboarding, and it pulls up everything they want.

There’s another reason we’re doing this too…there are 3 billion people that aren’t connected to the internet. Facebook is actually behind this movement and initiative where they’re trying to work with phone manufacturers to lower hte cost of smart phones, so they can get more smart phones to get the extra phones to the other 3billion people otu there who are not their customers right now. So we kind of fall into that a little bit because we’re technically a mobile type of website. So if that happens and they have this big push to where smart phones cost $40 or something like that, then a lot of the different companies and apps are gonna want to be more mobile focused, because that’s gonna capture more customers for them.

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