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Chantal & Her Creativity Journey

Chantal & Her Creativity Journey

Chantal Monté has been all over from foreign countries like Bali to Sante Fe and San Francisco. She loves to tap into her creativity through all forms of artwork. She speaks about her exotic paintings, seductive quotes, and deep poems with so much passion. With her background in iyengar yoga and meditation, she’s able to get into the zone to let that artistic ability flow.

Chantal says that, “Sante Fe is a very special for artists and healers.” This is where she got a good taste of the art industry, but Bali is where she was “recreated.” During her repeated trips to Bali she was able to train and work on her gifts. She knew it was time to move on and break free from her past. She’s now pursuing her passion and fire through mediums such as poetry, music and teaching.

Her new album SYRUP was just released. SYRUP has the viscosity of honey mixed with the taste of pleasure and intimacy. You can listen to the teaser here.

“When we are able to experience love and sorrow, ecstasy and pain, equally and without resistance, then we are able to fall in love with our entire life. Everything is welcomed. Nothing is left out. Love is all inclusive.”


She’s expanded and reached out to offer classes such as a global online event called Meditation for Lovers and offers private coaching for couples wanting to explore their relationship as a creative union. And by meditation, she means meeting in the bedroom naked, shutting the door to the outside world and wrapping legs around hips as a way to connect and feel into each other. She’s able to work in-person and online. She will help guide you through every step of the way. If we want to feel turned-on with our lives, we must slow down.


“Slowing down is the key.”

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