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Jelly Journey


By Britney T-M
Jelly Journey follows Britney T-M as she makes her way to DC for George Mason’s Social Innovation Program. This is a feature for the BoxJelly blog series TRIPPIN’, which follows BoxJelly community members out of the box on their off-island adventures. Follow the Jelly Journey on Google Maps.


Britney T-MBoxJelly intern Britney here. Welcome to the first post of TRIPPIN’ – a summer series for the BoxJelly blog, featuring different coworking spaces I come across during my travels for George Mason University’s Social Innovation Program.

It’s amazing how time flies. In January, I thought, “Wow, I’m going all the way to Virginia to study social innovation!” In February, I wondered, “Wow, I can visit so many friends along the way!” Then in April, I said, “Wow, I should visit all these coworking spaces too!” So now I am.

These other spaces, what would they be like? How did they start up? Do they have free coffee and/or beer too?  The who/what/where/when/why’s may be different, but all of us are taking off on the same coworking wave. Tomorrow I’ll be paddling out and seeing how others have navigated the industry swells.

During June and July, join me for my off-island jelly journey, TRIPPIN’ around the mainland!

Service Center for Culture and Community, The Speak EasyIndy CoZThe Hinge BureauThe PlatformLaunch Fisher’s

6/9 – 10 BLOOMINGTON, IN : CoWork BTownBluelineSproutBox

6/10 – 11 LOUISVILLE, KY : iHub at NexusMethod (chat with Chris Davis)

6/11 – 14 HANOVER/MADISON, IN: Student Activities Center at Hanover CollegeCoworking in rural areas

6/14 – 7/19 DMV: Social Innovation ProgramPunchRockAffinity Labs

7/3 PITTSBURGH: StartUp Town

7/19 – 26 PHILADELPHIA, PA: IndyHall, Culture Works

7/26 – 8/2 NEW YORK CITY, NY: New Work City




Will Reppun
BoxJelly member since: March 2013
Position/Title: Senior Developer
Company: Outside Intelligence

Meet BoxJelly member Will Reppun. He’s currently jelly-ing in Istanbul, so before he went off into the world, we wanted to catch up with him through our new blog series: WORKSPACES.

What do you enjoy most about coworking at the BoxJelly? One of the big stigmas about working remotely is that you end up talking to yourself and living in your underwear with a beard that doubles as a napkin.  The BoxJelly keeps me using real napkins. The cloth kind. Lux.

Fill in the blank: “When I’m not working at the BoxJelly, I’m ____.”
Hiking.  Or sailing.  Sometimes camping.  Probably sailing though.  Or out at my uncles’ farm.


Favorite item on your desk:  My desk is lame.  Right now I have a computer, a Starbucks iced coffee filled with water (+1 re-use), a pair of sunglasses that I found in the middle of a highway in Colorado (they still had the price sticker on them — $5!), a whole bunch of change that someone stacked neatly when I was gone (and which I promptly knocked over), a monitor, Stephen King’s “11/22/63” (not a good book, but an excellent monitor stand), and a mostly full BoxJelly notebook.  The notebook.  That’s my favorite.  Stylish and useful.


Ah yes, stylish and useful; just like the BoxJelly. In the upcoming months, you mentioned a stay/work-cation in Istanbul; cheers to you! Could you tell us a little more about what you’ll be doing, and how you ended up going to Istanbul?
The company I work for is based in Toronto.  Whether I’m in Honolulu or Istanbul, it’s all the same to them.  I think.  They haven’t complained about it yet.  But they wouldn’t like if I took 2 months off work to go travel, so instead I’m going to head over there with my girlfriend, and work while I’m there. That’s one of my favorite parts about the BoxJelly life — work wherever you want to.  Some days I work from home.  Some days I work from the North Shore.  I’ve worked while traveling in New York.  This is just another (rather drastic) extension of that.  And working on the trip makes it more financially feasible — instead of burning through the cash reserves I hope to at least break even.  Before taxes.  And I get to live in Istanbul.  And maybe Morocco for a month. Super excited.

We’re excited for you too Will!