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In The News: BoxJelly Is Expanding!

In case you haven't been beyond WhiteBox at BoxJelly lately, we've taken on a big expansion project to make more room and continue to make BoxJelly the best place to work in Hawaii. In addition to building out a space for SunRun, we'll have an...


The Box Jelly is the hottest spot for techies to connect

By Mike Meyer We've all seen them around town: groups of young people (or not so young people) in animated conversations at Starbucks, Coffee Talk or other caffeine-fueled gathering places. They are there for the Wi-Fi and the java, but often it's not just a social...


Pacific Edge Magazine features The Box Jelly

This month The Box Jelly was featured in Pacific Edge Magazine grouped with other innovative spaces catered to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups. In the article, Samson Reiny interviewed co-founders Rechung Fujihira and Anthony Stanford on why The Box Jelly exists and its benefits for the business...