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Solo Exhibition by Artist in Resident Amelia Samari

Same Same But Different

Amelia Samari

September 15 – March 10



“Same Same But Different” is a body of work completed over a six month Artist in Residence by fiber artist, Amelia Samari. Commonly used to trick consumers into buying counterfeits, the phrase “Same Same But Different” means something is functionally or aesthetically the same as something else but differs in methods of implementation or minor details. As this concept applies to the body of work, the figures displayed bear a strong resemblance to the bags and baskets that Samari makes and sells yet they do not serve as functional vessels. By removing the original functionality from the vessels while maintaining a similar aesthetic, utility takes second to form, thus forcing the viewer to decide what what the objects represent.READ MORE


Function Follows Form

I find myself coming back again and again to the vessel, asking myself why I am attracted to it. I’ve always been curious of the functional side of art making. I’ve also enjoyed the process of making vessels that get everyday use; artwork that is not just displayed on a wall or placed on a shelf but rather artwork that is integrated into one’s life. READ MORE


On Creative Inspiration

I’ve been out of the country for the last five weeks, and for five weeks I have drifted in and out of the frustration of not being in my studio and not having access to my sewing machine. Traveling through Europe, I found myself surrounded by an abundance of beauty and with every step, trying, almost desperately, to find a source of inspiration. READ MORE


The Crossroads between Utility and Art

When I come across someone who may be interested in buying one of my baskets, they often ask: “what do I use them for?” I always find this question interesting. Generally, I answer with “whatever you want.” If my first answer doesn’t seem to please them, I follow with something comical like “keys, pens, TV remotes, phones, jewelry, decoration”. READ MORE


Amelia Samari, Artist Residency

As one of the fasting growing trends among millennials, coworking spaces provide a number of attractive features that puts it miles ahead of the conventional office. Here, at BoxJelly, we are fully aware of this. We also know that there aren’t easy solutions or turn key packages to creating a cohesive community. We put a lot of time and energy into thinking about ways of engaging not only with the physical space but the social space around us.READ MORE

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