Bitcoin Birthday Party Recap | Hawaii's First Coworking Space
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Bitcoin Birthday Party Recap

Bitcoin Birthday Party Recap

Last week, BoxJelly along with the guys from Bitcoin Hawaii celebrated the 5th anniversary of Bitcoin with Blockchain Bash: A Bitcoin birthday party. A good crowd of Bitcoin enthusiasts and newbies to crypto-currency came down. We gave away some free Bitcoin, donated Bitcoin to some charities, raffled and even sang happy birthday to the Blockchain. Here’s a few photos and tweets recapping the night. If you’re curious about Bitcoin, be sure to come to the next Bitcoin 101 monthly event hosted by Bitcoin Hawaii and BoxJelly on Thursday January 16th

The official Bitcoin birthday cake.


The Bitcoin faucet was open, dispensing free Bitcoin.IMG_2836 IMG_2838

Bitcoin is a great way to give and recieve donations for non-profits. IMG_2839IMG_2840
Bitcoin raffle winners Crystal and Tim won Bitcoin and Tealet tea.


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