Hey everyone,

Juicy Journals is a log of my trip for the Global Coworking Unconference. It’s been two years since Tony and Rechung attended Juicy, so I thought, “Why not me, in 2014!” To and from the unconference, I’ll be stopping where I can, and visiting spaces along the way. This is somewhat of an ode to last summer, and my failed attempts at the Millennial Trains Project. I hardly raised a fraction of my goal, but my two supporters and the MTP journey inspired me to jump on a train anyways (something I’ve been wanting to do since stumbling upon Silver Streak one late night on AMC). 

Below are the cities and coworking spaces visited in the order of travel.

Britney T-M


Juicy Journals

- NextSpace (Venice)
- Blankspaces (DTLA)
- Opodz
- Kleverdog Coworking

- GCUC | 5/1・5/2 ・5/3
- ThinkBig
- Port
- Spring Accelerator
- Google Fiber

- Nebula Coworking

- The Bureau