Brenda Asuncion at The BoxJelly

Full Name: Brenda Asuncion
Position/Title: Loko I’a (fishpond) Coordinator, KUA (Kua’aina ulu ‘auamo)

BoxJelly Member since: September 2013

What do you enjoy most about (co)working at The Box Jelly? I appreciate the fact that I don’t feel overwhelmed by a huge office building and a vast sea of strange faces.

Fill in the blank: When you’re not at The Box Jelly, you’re cooking, surfing, or visiting communities on other islands.

Tell us about your workspace:

What do you keep there? Tea, crayons, Emergen-C, gum, water bottle, mug, star-shaped post-its, writing stuff.

Favorite item on your desk you can’t live/work without: Setup of laptop stand and wireless keyboard and mouse.


 Brenda's workspace