Welcome to our new feature, Workspaces, where you can meet your fellow BoxJelly members and see how they work.
Danielle Wood
Position/Title: Operations and Customer Care Manager at Experience HI, an online tour and activities desk.
BoxJelly Member since: May 2013
What do you enjoy most about (co)working at The Box Jelly? From the very first moment I walked in the door, I’ve loved the energy. It’s unlike any other space I’ve worked in before. The vibe is fresh, creative and collaborative. I enjoy meeting other people who have the same interests as myself as well as being introduced to new topics and ideas.
Fill in the blank: When you’re not at The Box Jelly, you’re enjoying pau hana¬†& an occasional night out dancing with my girlfriends,¬†exploring the Island with my boyfriend and his dog, FaceTiming with my family, cooking, taking pictures (of everything!), reading or thinking about social media and just living aloha!
Tell us about your workspace:
What do you keep there? Besides the obvious work related items. I keep a collection of tea and my favorite ink pens.
Favorite item on your desk you can’t live/work without: My drink containers. I love that we now have FloWater. I hydrate all day long, alternating between hot tea and cold water.
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